Leila Love


Observing some discoloration on Mommy’s sandals, “Oh, your shoes are little ruined.”

“I think I’m going to swim by myself today.”

Playing with a stuffed animal, “Big bear getting bigger and bigger. I’m about to not hold him.”

“Sometimes you race in your tutu…I like to do that sometime.”

“I have to stretch my ankles.”

After Mommy offered (pretend) money from the (pretend) cash register, “Thank you. I didn’t bring my wallet.”

As Mommy wipes the tiger face paint off, “I’m going back to Leila.”

Before dinner, “Let me just do one handstand real quick.”

Leila’s response to Daddy picking up her toy microphone, “Daddy, I know you have been having fun playing with that toy but we need to need leave now. Can you put that down please?”

Putting a key ring on her eye, “Hey Mommy, I’m putting my contacts on.”

Leila: “Can I ask you a question?” Mommy: “Sure. What is it?” Leila: “I love you.”

Discussing her changing wish list after seeing Mommy’s sandals, “I changed to (from) Chacos. I think I want those instead. Those will keep me nice and comfortable.”

Mommy: “Are you ready to go to the Children’s Museum?” Leila: “No.” Mommy: “What do you need to do?” Leila: “Maybe color. Or maybe lay down a little bit.”

Leila: “Daddy, I want to wear my white sandals to Bastrop.” Daddy: “Let’s just check with Mama first to make sure that’s okay. Maybe the answer will be yes, maybe the answer will be no.” Leila: “Surely the answer will be yes!”

Daddy, looking at a map with Leila: “Do you know where we live?” Leila points to Canada. Daddy: “Close. That’s Cananda.” Leila, enunciating each word: “I want to go to Canada.”

Leila, after Daddy asked her if she was a turtle: “No, I’m not a turtle, I’m just a Leila.” Daddy: “What’s a Leila?” Leila: “It’s just my name word.”

Leila Love


Mommy: “Could you please take your hands out of your butt honey?” Leila: “Why Mommy?”

Mommy: “Oh Wrigley, I didn’t think you’d want dinner since you at all that poop.” Daddy: “Gross.” Leila: “I don’t eat poop!”

“I’m just going to stay right here with my dolls in case you need me. (Checking her bracelet/watch) It’s kinda late, but that’s okay.”

Discussing Baba Joon’s ability to whistle, “Okay, so, Mamani doesn’t like the louder ones. She likes the quiet ones better. But I like the louder ones. I don’t hurt my ears.”

“I think I’m gonna eat maybe four mangos, maybe one…I think I’m gonna eat four.”

“I need some privacy. Not Daddy or Mommy to come in. I need some privacy.”

“Today I’m gonna go to school and be a doctor. And after I be a doctor I’m gonna go to baseball, baseball practice. I pack my lunch.”

(And for those fond of Maggie Smith’s one-liners on Downton Abbey) Mommy: “Did you have a fun weekend?” Leila: “What is a weekend?”

In other news, Leila popped into a headstand (for half a second) in the bounce house and ate two bugs at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We’re in love with her adventurous spirit and bravery.