Leila Love

September 2016 Leila Love

Sharing what she did during recess, “Well me and C and some other girls try to get away from the boys.”

“Actually there’s two options for what you can wear on the hike – tennis shoes and Chaco’s.”

At the baseball game, “Mommy, when it gonna be another home run!”

While Daddy was watching football on TV, “Daddy, why aren’t there any girls on the sports that we watch on TV?”

“Do you know what’s right and left?…Okay, let’s do Face Time so you can see which way my arm goes.”

“Mommy, S’s house is kind of like a hotel.”

“Mommy! Today oat the playground we fixed people’s hair.”

“Let’s pretend Ms. Jane Mousekawitz is watching the Olympics and I am 12 years old…” Mommy: “How do you get to the Olympics?” Leila: “You drive. Your mommy drives you there.”

Discussing being a grownup and living in her own apartment, “But what could I eat for breakfast?”

Overheard from her room (she had put on Mommy’s old Cubs shirt for bedtime), “I’m a Cubbie!”

“Nothing is fun about being a grownup.”

“When I get older can I teach yoga at Trinity church with you?”

Playing cards together after dinner, “Me first, you, then Mommy. That’s how we’re gonna do it!”

Weekly Photo Project: Week 36

wpp-week-36It’s been busy for awhile around here. And the first few weeks of school have been no exception. But for the first time in a couple weeks we were not on the road to Bastrop on a Thursday afternoon and I was not away there and there was time to play blocks and have a cleaning party to “Shake It Off” (where she danced through the rooms) and try out daddy’s old guitar and eat dinner together and end the night with lots of reading. I even got a single photo out of it.

PS I’m in love with the headband she’s been rocking for the past two days. She places it on her head just so, and it’s such a lovely chaotic expression of her unique style.

Leila Love

Aug 16 Leila Love

“I wish I was a jellyfish wasp so I could sting people.”

Sharing why she likes Sid the Science Kid, “Yeah, cause I learn about things I never learned about.”

After Mommy requested she help with Seven, “Well, she’s just kind of a little bit scared of me.”

Discussing her school lunches, “My ideas for nutrition were cheese stick, yogurt, and fruit. My other ideas were fruit chews and pretzels.”

Thoughts after a trip to TCBY, “Not a lot of people were there…cause they had ice cream after lunch.”

…And she called the toppings “decorations”

“Mommy do you remember when Wrigley had Seven in her mouth?…Seven acted like she was older than Wrigley. Like past 11.” (Side note: No pups were harmed, but our newest dog struggled with a little bit of jealously/need to exert her nonexistent dominance.)

“Mommy, sometimes can I be on the TV?…Maybe when I’m 6 I could do gymnastics on the TV?”

Thoughts on the Kusama exhibit, “It reminds me of a restaurant with no chairs or tables that’s closed.”

“Is there any way there’s an onion wrapper on this box?” (There was a piece of onion skin on a box.)

After reading What Do You Do With A Problem? Mommy: “Have you ever had a problem?” Leila: “I hadn’t had a problem this big.”

An inquiry about Seven, “Mom, can I leash her to the car?”

Forming her little fingers into a triangle and discussing the cookie situation for a prospective party, “I’m figuring out what size it should be.”

Playing eye spy, “It’s something on my body that’s small and colorful.” (It was her fingernails.)