Leila Love


“Mommy when I grow up I want to be a teacher, a yoga teacher.”

Playing pretend, “I just love this apartment! This apartment is so great! I just love it!”

While taking a shower, “I just like to relax in the water. Do you like to do that Mommy?”

“I don’t know hwy he has a cowboy hat. Maybe he likes it so much. Or maybe he’s a cowboy. And he’s going grocery shopping.”

Discussing the interior of an art car, “I couldn’t sit anywhere. I would need a car seat.”

Talking about Miss Jane and whether she would be allowed on the plane, “I don’t think the pilot knows her.”

“Sometime can we go tot a cooking show together, and go to a cooking class?”

“I have energy to do fun things.”

Conversation narrated between herself and Miss Jane, “What can I do when I get older? Well, you can cook when you get older and drive when you get older and sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed when you get older…you don’t have to ride in the stroller, you don’t have to play when you get older…But what if I have a kid? You can play with your kid when you get older. You don’t have to go to school. You can go to work…you can go to grownup parties. But will there be cake? Probably.”

Leila: “I wonder if ballerinas get hot from tights?” Mommy: “I bet they do.” Leila: “Yes. I bet they do. And get tired!”

“You just twirl one time in slow music. That’s how I dance.”

“Is it like our pool or Grandma and Grandpa’s pool…because our pool we can move anywhere we want.”

At Dallas Market, “It’s funny ‘cause they pull out Christmas stuff and it’s not Christmas.”

“I have an idea! What we don’t’ need for the house I’ll send out for the store!”

After Daddy helped explain the where the start and finish of a maze were, “Okay, I’m on it!”

Discussing why the peaches on the front of a yogurt container were red, “Probably they weren’t ripe.”

While reading a book about endangered animals and Mommy attempting to describe extinction, “like dragons are extinct.”

“I think Daddy is having too much screen time.”

“You’ve never going to let me wear my big clothes when I’m young!”

Weekly Photo Project: Week 26

Park Trip

Leila is at an age where her days are filled with the most enchanting pretend play. One morning it was an elaborately decorated birthday party, complete with balloons, crafts and a dance floor. The next it was a petting zoo. My absolute favorites are the conversations I overheard between her and her dolls. Yesterday morning she brought Mia to the park and talked to her all along the ride and then took her around the park and (relatively) gently carried her back home.