23: Our Birth Team

On Thursday I met with my midwife for my six week postpartum visit. I became teary as I shared with her how wonderful the birth experience was for me and how much I appreciated the group of women Ben and I had around us throughout it – we could not have handpicked a more perfect team. When we took our birth class, the instructor encouraged us to think about who we wanted to have on our birth team. I am so grateful for her wisdom. At the time neither of us had thought much past having the two of us there, though we were still considering hiring a doula. I had already transferred over to a practice of midwives knowing I wanted an advocate against unnecessary intervention. By the end of birthing class, we were confident we wanted another support and hired our doula. Then at the hospital we were blessed with a gifted nurse.

On the day of Leila’s birth, Theadora, Kristi and Hope empowered me to allow my body to do its work. They dimmed the lights, filled the tub, monitored, softly spoke encouragement, guided Ben so he could best help me and coached through contractions that took my breath away. I am so grateful to them for supporting us through a day so amazing I would gladly relive it again.

The Motivation

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