A Tale of How Sometimes You Get Exactly (the opposite of) What You Pay For

This is a short story.

I spent three hours on the phone with 4 separate credit card representatives, 3 customer service representatives and 1 in store manager to try to un-do a mistake that THE STORE MADE. They were all exceedingly unhelpful, and not once was I given even the slightest apology for their mistake or the inconvenience it caused me. The last person lamely told me that had I spoken with her first (as if wading through incompetence was my choice) she would have been able to resolve the matter in a more satisfactory manor, but at this point she had to honor the poor resolution I had previously been promised. Apparently that’s what over $2000 at West Elm will get you.

Then this evening, in less than 15 minutes, I was able to transfer my phone and airtime and gifted an additional 60 days of service. The customer service representative was pleasant and efficient. Thankfully that is what $5 with TracFone will get you.

Sometimes you get exactly the opposite of what you pay for, or so I learned today.

D40 (Zanzi1) 011

(This view. About 1/100 the cost of a West Elm couch.)

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