A Wedding Registry (in Hindsight)

A Wedding Registry (in Hindsight)

Last year I read a post entitled, The Wedding Registry Gifts We Still Use 10 Years Later (and the Ones We Don’t. I loved it. Now that we’re 10 years in, and I have two siblings getting married this year, I thought I might post one of my own. Especially considering I basically already typed it up in an email to my sister when she asked me what I would add or edit to her registry.

There are so many creative ways to register now. You can register for your honeymoon, or to supplement your outdoor lifestyle at non-traditional stores like REI. My sister found one where you can consolidate registries at multiple stores and guest have the option to give you gifts or the money equivalent. As for me, I dreaded creating a registry, but in hindsight I’m so grateful for all of the household items we registered for, were gifted and still use on a daily basis.

Here’s my wedding registry in hindsight:

The Kitchen

I would still register for…

  1. white plates (though I would have researched for something sturdier)
  2. classic flatware
  3. cast iron pans (and I would have added a small size to my medium and large collection)
  4. nesting glass mixing bowls
  5. bakeware set
  6. wine glasses (but just gone straight for the dishwasher-friendly stemless variation)
  7. drinking glasses (but opted for something we were less likely to break)
  8. kitchen utensils (but forgo the plastic and opt for wooden and stainless steel)
  9. classic appliances such as a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer, hand mixer and blender (but I would have chosen the unbreakable Vitamix instead of the blender/food processor combination)
  10. and the handful of white serve ware.

I wish I had added…

  1. a good chef’s knife
  2. a beautiful, enamaled dutch oven
  3. a few pieces quality cookware (I still do not know what I would go with, but not the non-stick stuff – we have already replaced our entire cookware set once)
  4. glass in lieu of Calphalon
  5. quality dish towels (this last one feels silly, but I wish that I had a few well-made dish towels instead of my hodge podge collection)

The Bathroom

I would still register for white towels. Done and done. A friend of mine that is great at vetting such things would recommend Matouk or Sferra. Our workaday towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond are still holding up, but I plan on upgrading when they finally disintegrate.

I wish I had added linen towels.

The Bedroom

I would still register for our down comforter. Even though Wrigley has taken to pee on it every time we’ve brought it out the past two years, it’s held up well and will continue to serve us for years to come.

I regret registering for sheets as I’ve never found a set to hold up for long enough to make an investment worthwhile.

I wish I had added…

  1. organic pillows
  2. a classic white duvet (and sized up to king so there’s ample room)
  3. beautiful euro and standard shams in variations of white and cream

The Rest of the House

I wish I had added…

  1. planters
  2. baskets
  3. a radio

Did you register for your wedding? Was there anything you would change in hindsight?

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