Accomplishments of Sorts

I would like to take a moment to congratulate myself for doing some things that most definitely should have already been done. Is such a self-congratulatory post utterly narcissistic? Yes it is. However, this is a blog in which I am the sole contributor and editor, so despite my best interest I suppose self-absorbed banter has always been the norm. Without further ado, let me share some accomplishments of sorts.

  1. It took us two whole weeks to fill one whole kitchen trash bag. I wanted to cut our trash consumption from the usual almost bag a week to one a month. Looks like we managed to get closer to that previously unspoken goal in spite of ourselves.
  2. Instead of wasting a paper towel or napkin/two every day at lunch, I have packed along my own cloth napkin. Moreover, my lunch napkins were actually repurposed from an old high school skirt by yours truly. This means that my lunches are now officially 100% zero waste.
  3. I made a dinner using most of our collard plant that even Ben found delicious, though I should note that it also included an unholy amount of meat. But let’s focus on the positive – Ben ate and enjoyed collards!
  4. In the past week I have done yoga five times, four of which were credited to the monthly unlimited pass the generous owners of “my” yoga studio graciously sold for a mere $25.
  5. Our yard looks like people actually inhabit the house. We paid people to make it look this way, but it was an investment in a local business (win, win).
  6. I took a moment to finally remove the labeling from the jars I keep stowing away. Out of the landfill, helping with food storage and looking decent to boot.

There is so much that is not getting done, but I want to take a moment to bask in these victories, small as they are

Thank you.

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