Basking in a Clearing

This year has been…full. I intended to use Lent to create more space. I am failing quite miserably. Last week I was suffocating in the onslaught of tasks I crammed into our schedule, trying to force our way out of the jungle of applications and trainings and general adulthood minutia that has engulfed 2015 thus far. A futile attempt at an impossible goal.

Then there was a moment last Friday morning, on the way to the fifth doctor’s visit of the week, when I realized I wasn’t filled with dread. I was relaxed. I was in a clearing. There was still a dense forest of stuff waiting on the other end of the weekend, but for the better part of a couple days all I had to do was spend an uninterrupted afternoon playing with Leila, enjoy a happy hour with my husband, take in a rare evening with my brothers, savor some sushi, eat birthday cake, delight in a family walk and watch a little HBO. Not to mention the sunshine.

I’d already passed the clearing by the time I woke up this morning. The sky was gray. The schedule was full. I was not looking forward to it. We got through it, and I made it to yoga, I started setting up our haft-seen, we watched some John Oliver and I got a little mini-clearing to bask in, just enough to recoup a bit before tomorrow’s trek.

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