Case of the Fridays

Today has been one of those days. I try to keep things simple (it’s kind of a theme of mine). A morning walk, maybe a trip to the park if there’s time and then an activity before lunch. Today our post-walk activity was visiting a friend. Well, baking a couple things and then visiting a friend. I knew this was a bit complicated for our schedule, but I was so certain of my ability to maybe pull it off.

I should have seen it coming. At first it was little things, like Wrigley defecating in the middle of an intersection in our neighborhood so I had to stand right in the middle of the road to pick up her poop. Or the fact I had to trek to the grocery store for new almond butter since mine had been recalled due to salmonella. And though a grocery store outing for only one item is usually a favorite activity of ours, today I didn’t really have the time. Speaking of time, I was spending an inordinate amount of it doing nothing. I spent at least an hour, over the course of the morning, in a holding pattern waiting for Leila to get out the door without upsetting the delicate balance that is a toddler’s emotional state. I struggled to grasp why I couldn’t finish baking these two things in an even remotely reasonable matter of time, but then I remembered that I had to stop and do things like clean ghee off our bathroom floor. In case you’re wondering why ghee was on our bathroom floor, let me backtrack a bit and tell you that Leila took it upon herself to empty the groceries, which was both helpful and adorable. However, she put the ghee in the bathroom with my new nail polish, and when I asked her to take it back to the kitchen she did. Then for some reason brought it back to the bathroom and dropped it.

Finally though, finally I was done baking and smoothie making. We were both ready. I just needed to pour the second smoothie. I wanted to hand the first smoothie to Leila first so she could drink a bit before we got in the car, and what do you know? I flung half of it all over the kitchen.

In the words of Leila as she surveyed the damage, “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness sake alive!”

We made it though. We hit Houston’s 1 pm rush hour traffic on the way there, and I missed my exit on the way back. But we made it home. And Leila is napping sweetly.

I guess this Friday was pretty amazing.

(And I would dump that smoothie again just for Leila’s reaction.)

PS I was just about to post this when I remembered my FB post from Tuesday:

Tonight was Leila’s evaluation for the next level at swim class. And we totally rocked the parenting on this one – she didn’t have a nap today, or a snack after nap, or a snack packed for after swim (because the evaluation was after she already had a 30 min swim class). In fact, we had no idea about this evaluation because our answering machine has been turned off for who-knows-how-long. Trooper that she is, despite her fatigue and hunger and utter confusion and starting to cry for Mommy halfway through, Leila still did everything the teacher asked her to do. And now we have an official “squirt.” Oh, and then we topped ourselves by giving her a cupcake and juice and pizza for dinner and getting her into bed an hour after her regular bedtime. And as bad as we feel, we’re both kind of figuring this might happen again. “Oh, you’re taking the SAT today? Wow. Sorry we kept you up last night watching fill-in-the-blank television marathon, and yeah, we don’t have anything in the house for breakfast. Well, good luck!”

This week.


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