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Weekly Photo Project: Week 12

Weekly Photo Project: Week 12

Sunday was the start of Nowruz, the Persian New Year. I wrote about my favorite traditions for our store‘s blog. One of my favorites is setting up our haft-seen each spring and including special mementos like my Dad’s old copy of Hafez’s poetry, leftover coins from our travels and the egg we purchased while living in Rwanda.

The little things

Do you ever make these tiny, seemingly inconsequential changes in your home or your dinner routine or your life that have this transformative effect? I’m beginning to have a growing appreciation for the beautiful impact of the little things. A few weeks ago I bought this calendar from our store, and then a week or so after that I bought a succulent plant on a whim from Trader Joe’s. And then I cleared out a corner of our desk and placed them there, together. And now, in spite of the pile of clutter on the left side, I have this lovely oasis when I pause from my typing and peer off to the right.


It would be wonderful to have a perfectly organized home, but in the meantime, I’ve got this corner.

The Battle Against the Junk Room

The beauty of living in a small house is there is only room for what you need. Ideally. I need a really exceptionally tiny home to squeeze out the excess. In the meantime, I will continue to wage war against the junk room. When we first moved into our home, 8 ½ years ago, we had two – a guest room and a game room. A bed in the former and a foosball table in the latter served as meager placeholders for their true purpose, purgatory for our stuff. Over the years, we’ve downsized and downsized again. We turned the guest room into an office into a nursery. The spare room with no purpose went from an unused den to an unused game room to an office, cluttered but useful. And this past weekend I won a small battle against the constant barrage of missing, misplaced and meaningless things threatening to condemn our useful office into a wasteland.

Here is my secret. I wait. I wait until I absolutely cannot stand it anymore, until I would rather throw away every last thing without a second thought than look at it for one more second. Then I start.

I might win this war yet. I should probably find a place for that pillow propped up on the windowsill first though.