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Leila Love

“Daddy’s farts are the stinkiest. My farts are cute.”

“I always can’t choose hot dog or pizza. I both love those things.”

“I’m so good at backbends.”

Wondering whether the movie was cartoon/not, “Was it characters or real people?”

“Water can really fit through things.”

“I just love flowers! I can’t help it.”

(Referring to Uranus) “…a planet called Europe…”

“Hey, we’re a Cubs family!”

“Hey Grandma, Daddy had a bad attitude, he needs to go back to you as a baby and start over.”

Leila: “Daddy, do you know what I did to the plate? Daddy: “No.” Leila: “It’s something you do for love.” Daddy: “Did you kiss it?” Leila: “Yeah.”

Leila (referring to an open sign): “Why does that say open?” Mommy: “So people know it’s open.” Leila: “Why can’t people park, go in, see if it’s open? Why can’t they do that?”

Leila Love

After Mommy referred to cockroaches. Leila: “But why aren’t they called roaches?” Mommy: “Because cockroach is their full name.” Leila: “Like cock is their last name?”

Discussing her valentines cards, “I’m not going to ask anyone if they want a red or a pink…because then I have to ask everyone…It doesn’t matter who gets a red or a pink because they’re both nice.”

(Overheard while she played with her cars.) “Chapter 3: The taxi trip. The taxi lived alone. He always went to see the football game. He didn’t like the football game that much…Chapter 4: The school bus trip…”

Watching The Sound of Music, “Why does their house look like a museum?” and “I wish I was in that movie.”

Pretending Daddy was late for school on a Saturday morning, “So get going! The students are waiting for you!”

“I like these little humans.” (context completely forgotten)

“Oreos? What are Oreos?”

Mommy: “Who’s the funniest person in your class?” Leila: “L…I’m funny too.”

While playing legos, “I can make any house I want. I can make the Leila house style!”

“This castle is for knights, not kings and queens. Knights live in castles. Not beautiful castles like kinds and queens do.”

Leila Love


Mommy: “We don’t really have any more weddings.” Leila: “Except my wedding!” Mommy: “Do you want to get married?” Leila: “I don’t know! (pause) I want my wedding to be in Bastrop!”

“I felt like a 6-year-old.”

“Why doesn’t Santa come to our house?”

Overheard from the front of the car “…my name is Blanding! …I live in the city of Houston…”

Overheard from the front of the car, “Woah! That’s pretty hard.”

“If I knew where I was going.”

Daddy, explaining how sea turtles can live a long time, even longer than people…Leila: “So they will be the only ones left in the world?” Daddy trying to explain about reproduction, etc. and Leila responded that she had “turtle boogers.”

“Okay, who’s going to buckle me in? (waits one second) Okay, I guess no one.”

Grandma: “Were there monsters in the movie (Moanna)?” Leila: “Yes.” Grandma: “Were they scary?” Leila: “Yes.” Grandma: “But you know they aren’t real, right?” Leila: “In the movie they were real.”

Talking (to Mommy) about a Lego, “I was gonna use it, but you said you needed it.”

“It’s hard being a mommy and wanting to play.”

After watching the Nutcracker, as she danced from her seat to the car, “I can’t stop dancing.”