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Leila Love

Talking about Daddy, “When I tickle him he doesn’t laugh because his tickles are already gone. But my tickles are always there.”

“I’m the goodest yoga pose ever.”

After Mommy said tomorrow was free dress day (they don’t have to wear uniforms) at school, “Mommy, I just love my uniform clothes. I want to wear them every day. Even weekends.”

Talking about her swim teacher, “I think he’s not a coach.” (Her gymnastics teachers have to be referred to as “coach.” Swim teachers go by their first names.)

“I’ll tell ya’ this smells like a fresh, clean bathing suit.”

After Mommy complained she does not have anyone helping her get ready, “You’re my Mommy! I’m not your Mommy!”

Leila: “Why is my piano bench so messy?” Mommy: “We can pick it up later.” Leila: “Okay, I’ll play my guitar.”

Talking about her birthday party, “Okay, we’ll just do the usual.”

Mommy: “We probably shouldn’t smell markers.” Leila: “But that marker smells really good.”

“But where do you live when you die?”

A Christmas Present to Myself

I want to believe that loves wins. Many days I’m not sure. But I am holding onto the hope that love, empathy and peace are more powerful than hate, shame and violence are destructive.

I am building a case for hope.

That Leila is the next generation.

And knowing at least some of the little girls and boys joining her are being raised by some incredibly amazing people.

Vulnerability going viral.

A growing list of teachers, social workers and at least one middle school psychologist sharing their talents in the trenches of systems that too many people have already given up on or just forgotten.

Great storytelling and journalism.

And those that make the absurdity of the news slightly more tolerable.

Women that use prayer and education and each other to seek peace.

People that understand peace breeds peace.

And knowing this tiny list does not even scratch the surface of all the awesomeness that exists.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays! And here’s to an even more hopeful 2015!

***Please share your examples of hope in the comments…