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Leila Love

After hearing the name Matt, “That’s a funny name.”

Referring to not being able to watch a movie, “I don’t complain about it. A complains about it.”

Asking about the singing the alphabet song, “I did it backwards. Now frontwards or backwards?”

Talking about washing her hair (that gets washed after swimming), “I’ll give you a clue. We do something fun and then we have to do something every night.”

Referring to her latest creation of a “food city” made of blocks, “it’s anything you can dream of.”

After Daddy reminded her to drink water, “I have water breaks. Don’t worry!”

“Cause I wasn’t here. I was taking my weekend.”

Brainstorming why our restaurant beeper number was 27, “Maybe we took 27 minutes to get here.”

Patter-rens (How she says patterns)

Leila Love

Talking about Daddy, “When I tickle him he doesn’t laugh because his tickles are already gone. But my tickles are always there.”

“I’m the goodest yoga pose ever.”

After Mommy said tomorrow was free dress day (they don’t have to wear uniforms) at school, “Mommy, I just love my uniform clothes. I want to wear them every day. Even weekends.”

Talking about her swim teacher, “I think he’s not a coach.” (Her gymnastics teachers have to be referred to as “coach.” Swim teachers go by their first names.)

“I’ll tell ya’ this smells like a fresh, clean bathing suit.”

After Mommy complained she does not have anyone helping her get ready, “You’re my Mommy! I’m not your Mommy!”

Leila: “Why is my piano bench so messy?” Mommy: “We can pick it up later.” Leila: “Okay, I’ll play my guitar.”

Talking about her birthday party, “Okay, we’ll just do the usual.”

Mommy: “We probably shouldn’t smell markers.” Leila: “But that marker smells really good.”

“But where do you live when you die?”