Fall Bucket List Status Update

Fall Bucket List Status Update

Today I let go of my impulse to be productive and took advantage of the great weather and our unencumbered afternoon. I’d been meaning to try out the newly installed light rail as soon as the weather cooled. I managed to convince Leila to embark on this little adventure with me. Like an honest-to-goodness urbanite we started to the train station, in Houston. Heavy traffic, thin sidewalks and gigantic anthills aside we made it safe and sound. It seemed oddly quiet.

It was not open. Apparently this leg of the line is still under construction. Something I found out in hindsight. In order to cajole my toddler for the not-so-short trek back I promised ice cream. I was too nervous to cross the street for McDonald’s, so we headed into Walgreen’s. Ice cream sandwich and Magnum bar in hand, we started back home and made our way to our neighborhood park. And this is kind of how my fall bucket list has gone so far.

Things to do:

ArBOOretum – I missed it, again. It rained horribly, so Ben ended up taking Leila early while I was at a writing workshop.

Barton Hills Farm – We planned to go the day after Halloween. It was flooded. We went back the following weekend, but once again I failed to utilize this fancy computer thing and didn’t realize until the night before that the flooding caused them to close this weekend as well. They’ll reopen next fall.

Dinosaur Park – Postponed.

Fall Reading ListDone

Pumpkin Patch Photos – Squeezed in at the last possible minute

Things to see:

Sam Houston Boat Tour – I’ve got this scheduled during December. Nice random Advent activity.

The Orange Show – I actually forgot about this one…maybe we’ll try for this is the next couple of weeks.

Things I’m still going to try to do:

Family Christmas card photo – We tried last weekend. And I do have something where we’re all in one frame.

(Yeah, that’s about all I can muster.)

Things I’m going to add just to cross off:

I started teaching yoga

Another family beach day

Goodnight Moon – Grandma bought us tickets to this adorable play at Main Street Theater. We wore our pajamas and enjoyed almost front row seats to this adorable production.


Halloween (and the symphony – we went to their family performance and it was so much fun)

How’s your fall bucket list coming along?

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