Fall Reading List, Thus Far

Fall Reading List

I continued reading past my inaugural summer jaunt – my longest, non-Rwandan reading stint since adolescence. I think our almost-weekly trips to the library help propel my nascent habit. I loved aimlessly perusing library shelves as a child, and I’ve found I still find joy in this simple adventure. There is something soothing in the smell of books and comforting in having one sitting on my nightstand.

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

I cannot remember if this was recommended to me or not. Whatever the case, I was glad I borrowed this title. My book expired when I was still pages from the end (and too tired to go on), so I am still waiting to finish. However, I don’t need the last twenty or so pages to know this novel is impressive. I could not believe the author wrote during university. It’s been a long time since I’ve read something with such piercing descriptions that I found all of my senses engaged in the story.

Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

I’m just going to say it. I do not like Hornby. I know. I just can no longer nod my head and pretend like I find him particularly witty or entertaining. This novel was okay, and that is kind of how I feel about all his work that I’ve read. I picked this up at the library in hopes of finding something that would change my mind, but even this novel with a female heroine remained mired in the male perspective. Not bad. Not great.

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

This novel is sweeping and engaging. Overall, I felt the breadth of the story sacrificed too much depth, but it’s truly nitpicking a story that kept my reading for hours past my bedtime and marveling at the author’s seeming innate storytelling ability.

What are you reading lately?

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