Farewell Summer

Farewell Summer

The school year has started, Labor Day is over and, despite my disinterest, it has come to my attention that football has started – I think it is official. Summer is over. Farewell summer. Farewell splash pads and beach days and inflatable pools and homemade s’mores. Even though we live in Houston, where fall is the perfect weather for all those quintessential activities, even though our weekly share was full of tomatoes and watermelon and the weather outside is the muggiest, most mosquito-laden of the whole year, it just is not summer anymore.

I could blame it on the pounds of butternut squash I transformed into spiced loaves or the apple-cinnamon tea I decided to start sipping today or my readiness for cardigan-wear to extend beyond the frigid indoors, but I think it’s something else. I think time just starts to act a little differently. It starts to feel a little less endless as the days shorten and the distance to the new year grows smaller.Time no longer seems to stand still like it can during the long summer days.

Farewell summer, until next time.

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