Good News, Bad News

Which do you want first? Ben always wants to hear the bad news first. I think he likes ending on a positive note. He’s so cute. I like fluffing myself up with lots of lovely thoughts first, and since I run this shindig we’ll start with the good.

Good News

Ben and my sister do not have to walk in a parade, and we now enjoy the option of swigging drinks with the rest of the spectators

I can partake in the wedding morning mimosas before a dear friend’s nuptials

(I promise these don’t all have to do with alcohol)

I have endless hours to write all the stories and thoughts trapped in my head

I am free two precious hours twice a week to sweat through my favorite yoga class

I have pretty strong external motivation to shrink our food budget

And time for homemade dinners, baking and canning to make that a little easier

We can join my brother in a West Coast train adventure

I am definitely free to float the river

I can most definitely attend the wedding shower for my old summer roommate and travel partner extraordinaire

The other bridesmaids and I do not have to rearrange a bridal shower around some mandatory weekend work

Bad News

I am unemployed, encore

At least there is more good than bad.


8 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

  1. VB

    Saba! I’m so sorry to hear this. I love that you plan to nourish your soul with yoga, river floats, and mimosas. You’ll find something even better!

  2. jodie

    on monday i will be unemployed too…wanna be writing buddies? (though it will have to be long-distance since we’re hittin’ the road)…otherwise i would have added “drinking buddies.”

    1. Saba Post author

      Yes – I most definitely want to be writing buddies! I’ve been thinking about asking you, but I was feeling a little shy. (We’ll save the drinking buddy part for when you get back)

  3. Mitzi

    More good news – you can spend time with your amazing friend Mitzi without having to figure out an evening or weekend plan. Let’s plan a walk sometime!


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