Learning to walk slowly

I have a new guru in my life. Her stature is not impressive. She is not even three feet tall and hardly 25 pounds soaking wet. What she lacks in size she makes up in expertise. She is highly skilled in slowing down.

Before her, I would walk briskly, absorbed in my own thought until I reached my predetermined end. Now we stop. She hugs trees. Sometimes she hugs every single branch, then kisses every single branch, then gently rests her cheek upon the branch for a moment of silence. She picks up sticks and bangs them on the ground like a primal drum. She waves the sticks on the ground, drawing intricate script beyond my comprehension. She smells flowers so small I have to bend down to see them. She picks up rocks and leaves and acorns and lifts them up to me with a smile on her face. She stops and sits…on steps, on logs, on grass. Sometimes I think we are going somewhere in particular, but she is comfortable walking without a destination.

I am quite certain one day the patience will come naturally. Until then she continues our lessons in learning walking slowly.


2 thoughts on “Learning to walk slowly

  1. Carrie

    It sounds like a practice I should engage!

    (Greetings friend — so glad to have found this space! I look forward to reading/hearing more of your lovely voice!)


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