Leila Love

Monkey Bar Success

“I’m learning to read!”

“I like big pieces of chocolate!”

“Mommy, I want to go to outer space…we can go together! I’ll count…and you can drive.”

“See the traffic Mommy! Is that traffic? Come quick!”

While adding leaves to her “soup,” “You’re not even going to taste the greens. They’re mixed up.”

“I wish I could be in the shows. I ‘d crawl inside the TV and be a character! My name would still be Leila.”

Mommy, probably trying to attempt some educational point about bees: “How do we get our honey?” Leila: “At the farmer’s market.”

Just playing pretend, “The engine’s fine.”

After Mommy shared about how Leila’s uncle was learning about the body at medical school and she was learning about the body at yoga teacher training. “I’m learning about the body from shows!”

“Don’t put it (sunscreen) on my hands cause I don’t want it to be greasy. I have to do monkey bars.”

(Because Mommy was counting each number twice.) Leila: “My Mommy’s funny!” Friend: “Miss Saba’s funny!” Leila: “Miss Mommy’s funny!” (Please refer to this post to understand how monumental this moment was for Mommy.)

In response to Mommy saying “It would be shocking.” Leila: “No, it would be a surprise.”

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