Leila Love


(When Mommy asked what there is at a grown-up’s party.) “Sometimes balloons at a grownup party…sometimes talk at a grownups party…sometimes play grownup games…”

Mommy: “Where’s Leila?” Leila: “It’s me! Right here! I’m hibernating.”

Singing to herself, “The wonderful things we learn!”

“My doll’s party feels like a wedding. It’s only a dancing party.”

“I have just the thing to decorate it.”

Discussing the turtle in our front yard, “It wants to come in and eat quiche.”

“Abracadabra! Whole world disappear…even the park disappear…and it’s like a big cave!”

Discussing her latest Kiwi Crate creating, “This is so fun! This is even fun as going to the park…this is even fun as cuddling with you, or having a play date.”

“I think Daddy’s going to take his time waking up.”

“Wrigley’s excited to run around on the ranch…she’s excited to do that.”

“My Daddy has always beer.”

“Mommy’s don’t go to work!” (#facepalm)

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