Leila Love



“Go Cubs! I hope the Cubs win!”

“Mommy, when I first get on the track I can run so fast because I haven’t been running I have enough energy.”

The morning after her Aunt N’s wedding, “I actually just slept in my dress and my hair up…I’ll just take it out when I get up.”

“Wait, I forgot I had some money in the bedroom! Wait a minute and I’ll share some with you!”

Holding Mommy’s face, “I want to kiss you here.” After pecking Mommy on the lips, “Now we’re married.”

“Drink a lot of water and take chicken soup for lunch.”

While Mommy was smearing sunscreen on her, “It’s complicated to focus on my socks.”

To Mommy, after Mommy accidentally knocked her headbands off their holder, “Could you put all those back on here? I really don’t’ want a mess.”

Leila: “This is my new drum that’s on sale!” Mommy: “What’s that mean it’s on sale?” Leila: “It means you can buy it!”

For her Uncle N’s birthday card, “Can you help draw ‘I love you’?”

At the Thanksgiving lunch at school, “Is it okay if I stay the whole day?”

Watching a 15-year-old figure skater, “How old is she? She looks young!”

While drawing a penguin, “This is challenging.”

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