Leila Love

After Mommy referred to cockroaches. Leila: “But why aren’t they called roaches?” Mommy: “Because cockroach is their full name.” Leila: “Like cock is their last name?”

Discussing her valentines cards, “I’m not going to ask anyone if they want a red or a pink…because then I have to ask everyone…It doesn’t matter who gets a red or a pink because they’re both nice.”

(Overheard while she played with her cars.) “Chapter 3: The taxi trip. The taxi lived alone. He always went to see the football game. He didn’t like the football game that much…Chapter 4: The school bus trip…”

Watching The Sound of Music, “Why does their house look like a museum?” and “I wish I was in that movie.”

Pretending Daddy was late for school on a Saturday morning, “So get going! The students are waiting for you!”

“I like these little humans.” (context completely forgotten)

“Oreos? What are Oreos?”

Mommy: “Who’s the funniest person in your class?” Leila: “L…I’m funny too.”

While playing legos, “I can make any house I want. I can make the Leila house style!”

“This castle is for knights, not kings and queens. Knights live in castles. Not beautiful castles like kinds and queens do.”

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