Leila Love

“They’re hard words for like someone else, but they’re easy for me!”

“Mommy, why is your birthday on my snack day?”

Mommy: “I’m 35. Is that old, or not that old?” Leila: “Not that old. It could be like you’re a teenager.”

“This smells like the yoga studio, and I like this smell…I like to go there in your class with you.”

“No. We’re not tired. We’re never tired.” (Believe “we” is referring to kids in general.)

Mommy: “You have a cough too?” Leila: “No. I’m not like you! I have energy!”

Referring to her hole-in-one at putt-putt, “Daddy is this the time I got the puck in the hole?”

After Daddy told her to cancel the rain if she wanted to swim at the birthday party, “I’ve got some magic, but I guess it’s asleep.”

Wondering why her aunt was going to watch her while I worked, “Mommy, why doesn’t N work at the shop and you stay home and play with me?”

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