Leila Love


“Baby you just gotta wait. Baby you just gotta wait me go bathroom,” gingerly setting her baby on top of an overturned laundry basket in the living room.

While trying to peel pistachios, “These are hard. I try a better one? This one broken.”

“It not real. It real to me.” (I think Leila was talking about the picnic we were going to have in the living room, but I’m not completely sure. I just love, love, love this.)

“I think I kick my legs and run around a circle. That a good idea?”

“I like climb up the stairs. That called communion.”

“Paper towels is quiet. And hand dryers is wowd, wowd, wowd!”

Mommy: “Excuse me m’am, where are your clothes?” Leila: “In the dishwasher.”

Leila (with Daddy’s belt wrapped around her waist): “I’m going to work.” Daddy: “What’s your job?” Leila: “I work in town…I go to work in town, I fix cars.”

Leila: “Are you wearing a hair bow Mommy?” Mommy: “Yes. Would you like a hair bow?” Leila: “Yes. It looks bootiful.”

Leila (talking about Mommy’s robe): “I need it!” Mommy: “Why do you need it?” Leila: “For play outside. Protects mosquitoes and gets me warm!”

Leila (whining/crying about how she needs a new shirt because her shirt is wet.) Mommy: “That shirt’s wet? How did it get wet?” Leila (whining): “Because of water!”

Mommy: “Can you get started first?” Leila: “I’ll get started, situated.”

Leila: “You know Farsi Mommy?” Mommy: “Yes. I know a little Farsi. Do you know Farsi Leila?” Leila: “Yes.” Mommy: “What words do you know in Farsi?” Leila: “Um, yo-yo!”


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