Less Hair

I did not want to cut Leila’s hair. I thought her scraggly locks looked sweet, especially when running around at the park when the sweat would make them curl a bit. Plus, I kept holding onto a bit of hope that she would allow me to start putting little pigtails in them again, or at least a hair bow.

DSC_0178 DSC_0146

Then I got the photo proofs back from her two-year photo session and her hair just looked unkempt and I could not get trimming it out of my head.

I am frugal about a lot of things, but haircuts are not one of them. Ever since I trimmed Ben’s hair and a student of his commented, “I hope you didn’t pay for that!” (Jokes on you kid, we didn’t), we’ve both religiously left our hair solely in the care of our friend/talent hairstylist Ashley.

The thing is I’m also impatient. So after talking about getting a haircut with Ashley, which Leila could not wait to do (at least in theory) after her few field trips to the hair salon with Mama & Papa, and waiting about a half second too long for a response from Ashley, I decided to go after it myself. I asked Leila if she wanted me to cut her hair. The response was something in the vein of, “No, Ashley do it.” I couldn’t fault her for that. I told Leila that I was just going to do a “little cut” and Ashley would do the “big cut.”

Then Mama did another “little cut,” and one more, just to even things out. And before I knew it, Leila had her first haircut.


PS I got the toddler cutting tutorial from this blog post.

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