Notes from Traveling Without a Toddler

These are the things I learned from my 48-hour trip without husband or babe in tow.

  1. One back pack. That is all I took. One little bitty back pack.
  2. When I have a toddler with me, I feel compelled to at least try to look like I’m not tired/dirty/frumpy/flustered when I am out in public. Without a child, I felt completely free to be the grungy person I truly am. No make-up. No coordinating outfit even. My sister said I looked like a bag lady. Yes, I was that passenger. (Interestingly, I didn’t sweat, almost at all.)
  3. The passengers around me looked like a mélange of reality TV castoffs. Is this a Delta Airlines thing?
  4. I was a bit frustrated to realize I had this uninterrupted time, and the iPod wasn’t charged and I didn’t have a book I really wanted to read. That was ridiculous. I easily slept through the entire flight.
  5. Always bring a pump. Unless milking yourself in the hotel shower is your idea of a good time.
  6. Debris in the road is ubiquitous, at least when my sister and I are I the car.
  7. Delta is a terrible horrible airline. Our flight was bumped for “mechanical difficulties” (i.e. not enough passengers). Not the type of thing that an engorged lady that misses her baby like crazy is going to be chill about. If you know you will not have enough people to make the flight profitable then DO NOT BOOK THE FLIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE. The absolute least they could do is at least send an email before people leave their family early, spend a night in a hotel and wake up in the middle of the night for a flight that was never going to happen. But apparently the least Delta could do was nothing.
  8. In other news, I am the absolute worst version of myself when I have to fly any carrier other than Southwest.
  9. Thankfully, I am not the worst version of myself when a not-great-person goes straight in a turn only lane and hits my dad’s car when we are minutes from my house. I wanted to scream. Instead I stepped out the car and waited for Ben and Leila to come pick me up because I could not wait another second to just get home.
  10. It appears that travelling with a toddler is less stressful.

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