Office to Nursery Redo

I intended to post about this much earlier, but uploading photos is a tedious task. And Iโ€™m lazy.

I love our nursery. Though I never understood the impetus of creating a nursery before, I have to say that through the process of transforming this little room, of adding books and stuffed animals and tucking tiny booties into drawers, I began to be grateful for the tradition. There is so much we cannot prepare for, I appreciate that we had a room for us to physically create a space for this new life that will soon enter our home.

We started with this…


which lovingly became this.


The crib and mattress are two of the few brand new things we purchased. Actually they were a gift from my parents. My aunt crocheted the beautiful blanket that hangs in the front, and one of Ben’s coworkers mad an amazing quilt that hangs in the back (which you can kind of see if you squint). In the corner is my great, great grandmother’s glider reupholstered with indoor/outdoor fabric that should withstand the rigor of baby and toddlerhood. My grandma sewed the pillows from some more sturdy indoor/outdoor fabric we found at a local retailer.

Here are photos of the details…

Entry (Before)

Toys from friends and family, and a onsie from baby’s grandma.

Entry (After)

This is still the same.

Gallery Wall

Though some things have changed.

Left Wall (Before)

My dad bought the rocking horse when I was a baby, and I paid a seamstress $20 to update the mane. My mom gave us the dresser, which she found at an incredible price at a yard sale in my grandparent’s neck of the woods. We updated the knobs with some old ones from my parent’s dining room. The corner is still missing a hefty trash can to hold stinky nappies.

Left Wall (After)

Wrigley’s thinking chair has been retired to the farm where she’ll be able to enjoy it on weekends.

Right Wall (Before)

We filled the wall with ledges purchased from the gift card I won to Ikea for being willing to get my belly publicly painted. As you can see it’s filled with books we already had or were gifted and the craft project from awhile back. The toy chest is another relic from my childhood, which I aspire to paint a light yellow. The baskets and toys are gifts, and the pillows are ones I’ve had since college.

Right Wall (After)

The nook has not changed much.

Nook (Before)

It’s now filled with the wonderful book collection we were gifted from friends.

Nook (After)

There is also an old giraffe children’s clothes holder sitting next to the closet, which my grandparents have had since my uncle was a baby. I may eventually get around to taking a photo to share.

We still need to hang the curtains we bought from the aforementioned Ikea gift card, and we will eventually change the rug, which is way too rough for crawling. In the meantime, we’re just waiting for the baby!

Photo credit: My sister took all of the great nursery photos when she was over snapping some maternity photos, which I promise to share ย soon!

12 thoughts on “Office to Nursery Redo

  1. abby

    Great little nursery you have there! Good job you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m officially making my guess that you are having a boy ๐Ÿ™‚

    We love you and can’t wait to hear the news!

    1. Saba Post author

      Thanks! We can’t wait to share the news! It seems that I have made a very comfortable little home that someone seems in no rush to leave though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Saba Post author

      I’m so glad that we had so many family things to incorporate! We also have Ben’s grandma’s gorgeous rocking chair in our bedroom. Someday I aspire to photograph that little nook to share that treasure as well.


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