Leila Love

“Every time the door bell rings it is always someone else. One time it was Daddy, one time it was E. Sometimes it’s the wind. It’s very confusing.”

“Saturday’s are kind of like errand days with a little bit of playing, but Sundays are the best!”

“But when I was a four-year-old…I remember one time after naptime I accidentally screamed in the hallway.” (Sharing a memory of misbehavior after reading Ramona the Pest.)

Referring to the house in The Great Muppet Caper, “That’s a fancy house. It doesn’t have any toys.”

“Daddy let’s see who runs the fastest. It’s not a race.”

Mommy: “Can you hold the flowers?” Leila: “Of course, I’d be happy to!”

“But I had so much fun with my friends I forgot about everything at home!”

Explaining a games from recess, “When we play family there has to a be a doctor, a baby, and a mom. When we play babies we’re just babies! Does that make sense?”

“There’s bags on every party with fun stuff.”

Leila Love

“Daddy’s farts are the stinkiest. My farts are cute.”

“I always can’t choose hot dog or pizza. I both love those things.”

“I’m so good at backbends.”

Wondering whether the movie was cartoon/not, “Was it characters or real people?”

“Water can really fit through things.”

“I just love flowers! I can’t help it.”

(Referring to Uranus) “…a planet called Europe…”

“Hey, we’re a Cubs family!”

“Hey Grandma, Daddy had a bad attitude, he needs to go back to you as a baby and start over.”

Leila: “Daddy, do you know what I did to the plate? Daddy: “No.” Leila: “It’s something you do for love.” Daddy: “Did you kiss it?” Leila: “Yeah.”

Leila (referring to an open sign): “Why does that say open?” Mommy: “So people know it’s open.” Leila: “Why can’t people park, go in, see if it’s open? Why can’t they do that?”