For the past two months we’ve been bunking at my parents while we tackle some home repairs. In the midst of the chaos that is inevitably part and parcel of such endeavors, I have made several attempts at regrouping. Each time I would think, “This is it. Everything is finally in order. I can sit back and relax.” Then reality would hit, and finally, after several such tries, I relinquished the aspiration to recreate normalcy in this interim and started appreciating even the tiniest glimpses of regular life. And you know what? We have managed to hike up to our church on more than one Sunday, actually order, pick up and use some nice local co-op shares, spend some time at the Children’s Museum, make it to a few baby times at the library, take a handful of family walks and even keep up with monthly baby photos.

This weekend, even though the kitchen floors remain unfinished and there is still the slightest whiff of paint still lingering, it seems like we are finally, finally moving back. We’ve been trickling in our stuff all week and it’s starting to look like the cluttered mess that is home sweet home. I know it will take some time before everything makes it back to its rightful place (or we take the time to donate, chuck or find that rightful place), but I am looking forward to doing some serious regrouping this June.

We plan on spending a whole lot of time walking together as a family, sharing dinner with friends, going to summer activities at the library, wearing out our Children’s Museum membership, adding Leila’s voice to the chorus on Sundays, ordering our shares and eating our veggies, planning our meals, swinging at the park, exploring outside through a tinier perspective and trying our best to add another munchkin to the bunch. I would not mind it in the least if I also made it to a few yoga classes, snapped more photos and put together a post one and awhile. And if all else fails, we’ll be home, together, streaming the latest episodes of Arrested Development.

6 thoughts on “Regrouping

    1. Saba Post author

      Well, Leila certainly loved it. Two staircases to climb, tchotchkes aplenty to touch, a keyboard to bang on…it was toddler heaven.

  1. Allison

    Great post Saba! That in-between place can be one of the hardest! A good friend of mine in Cali is waiting for her house to go into escrow, and has been living with her house half-packed for many, many weeks. It’s hard a hard way to live, but I love that you were able to let go of having to bring things back to normal, and are seeking out those comfort and value-soaked activities 🙂 Your summer plans sound delightful!

  2. Mitzi

    Sounds like a great summer! We LOVE This American Life, but cannot seem to get into Arrested Development. Can’t wait to see you!


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