Reset Button

I am hitting the reset button. I decided upon this admittedly ambiguous plan of action last Thursday after an insightful appointment with a nutritionist, and I confirmed the absolute brilliance of the operation during a hot yoga class where the teacher referenced hitting the reset button several times throughout the 90-minute class (there were a few of us struggling). Like I said, confirmation.

I have been feeling stuck, in this barely perceptible rut. I needed something. Not an overhaul, not a restart, just a reset. At the beginning of yoga class the teacher will often tell us to exhale, to breath everything out before we start our ujjayi pranayama. That is exactly what I needed, a big fat honking exhale, followed by some real, down to my toes up to the top of my head breathing.

I have reset my haircut, skincare, nutrition, yoga practice and general baby-making preoccupation. I am hitting the reset on my sleep, work, shopping, blogging and anything else that just needs a little reboot in my life. Maybe it is the copious amounts of spirulina/algae/maca/royal jelly/wheat grass I am now ingesting doing the talking, but I foresee a revolution (or something somewhat like it), physically, mentally and spiritually.

Let’s start the insanity.

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