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24: Online Community

There are a lot of things technological I eschew. However, I am quite grateful for online community. It amazes me that websites and social media can create genuine connections and support between people that have and may never actually meet. Today I reached out to a Facebook group to help troubleshoot some cloth diapering problems, and several complete strangers generously gave their time to help me. Earlier I shared about Allison, a friend I made through blogging. I love it and all the many ways that the Internet is bringing us together.

25: Our Neighborhood

I think we live in the best neighborhood in Houston. I love that we’re in the city but can stroll up and down the rolling streets and not feel like the freeways are so close. I like that we get out of the house and talk to each other and that while I was pregnant two of our neighbors graciously volunteered to drive me to the hospital or come over and watch Wrigley if we needed it. I adore how people not only watch out for each other but also for the stray animals. Even though we’re not involved, I appreciate that there is a garden club and a book club and an active civics club that focuses on pertinent city issues, not petty aesthetics. It feels like community, like what a neighborhood should be.

Walking the Dog: A Trifecta of Awesomeness

I love how I dropped off the face of my blog after blathering about a crisis. I promise it was not on account of some monumental pity party. I’ve been busy tackling errands and squeezing in frequent yoga classes and hanging out with friends. I have also been mentally composing various and sundry posts during my daily walks with Wrigley. In fact, it was the ritual of walking our dog that inspired this post.

I wanted to share an epiphany I had one morning about how utterly amazing dog walking is in so many ways.

  1. It makes Wrigley healthier
  2. I makes me healthier
  3. It creates an easy way to meet neighbors I would otherwise never know had our lazy bums stayed indoors

Not to mention the delight I get from simply watching Wrigley’s sheer joy when I finally lace up my shoes and pull the leash off the giant hook. Any amount of heat, humidity and mosquitoes is worth even the slightest prospect of seeing her fly up in the air in a half twirl of exhilaration.