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Another Valentine’s DIY, of sorts

Another Valentine's DIY, of sorts

Thank you Michael’s for 50% off Valentine’s Day crafts and Whole Foods for not extraordinarily unreasonably priced organic lollipops. You helped me put another DIY Valentines (of sorts) in the books. Thank you to precut stickers so easy to assemble that my toddler could do it, even though in reality she only did a few before she sat back and watched me put them together while she ate a lollipop.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

That Place

Last Thursday I found myself in that place. Like a bad horror flick, I saw it coming, but I opened the door anyway. I knew I should push on the brakes. I knew I should U-turn, but I drove head first into it all the same. First it was a trip to a Joann’s fabrics. Not the one closest to us. No. They didn’t have orange tulle, I drove 15.1 miles away. When I got there I couldn’t buy the tulle because I had no idea how much I needed. The instructions told me how much tulle I needed if I bought it on a spool, not by the bolt. The mental math was throwing my panicked, time-strapped brain for a loop, so I just picked up some clearance costumes for future Leila to reject and headed home. I regrouped. This should have meant stopping the madness. Instead I took my toddler on a fool’s errand through 59, during rush hour, to Michael’s. I called ahead, but of course when I got there I eventually learned that they sold out of their orange tulle at 3 pm (when I was at Joann’s). Leila loved the opportunity to ride in a cart, hold a pumpkin and point out the babies. I took this as a sign to continue.

A small, still-functioning, rational part of my brain knew I should let it go. I’d already done enough crazy for the day. No. I had to finish. I ignored the impending migraine, figured out how much tulle I thought I should buy and drove the 15.1 miles back out to Joann’s. Ben watched the World Series, and I made a tutu. Well, I started a tutu. Halfway through my headache forced me to bed.

The next morning, I redoubled my efforts, and not even an hour before we left for the airport I finished the orange tulle tutu. It never made it out of the house. Ben put it on Leila Saturday morning, to which she responded, “No. No. No. Off. Off. Off.” Then she threw a “spectacular tantrum.

I knew this was going to happen. Yet, in the midst of a day when I should have been doing anything but, I hunted orange tulle. Once that place catches my eye, I follow it like the Pied Piper.

I did it for Leila’s birthday. I did it the first Thanksgiving of our married life. The night before Thanksgiving we made a trip to Central Market so we could spend hundreds of dollars buying organic ingredients for me to roast two turkeys, make about half a dozen sides and two desserts, from scratch, for almost twenty people. We had way too much food, the turkey was undercooked, I dropped the pumpkin cheesecake on the floor and my legs threw a spectacular tantrum. I say I will learn, but I will do it again. I will see it coming, and I’ll embrace it like a pathetic character in a romantic comedy. What else am I to do when perfectionism invites me to the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day?

Completely Free Holiday Crafts

I get a bit put off when there’s some adorable DIY goodie that costs $20 plus in supplies in order to make. If you’re into 100% free crafting, here are two ideas, neither of which I can claim credit for inventing.

The first are some gift bows courtesy of How About Orange. Her tutorial is ridiculously simple, and it is easy to modify if you don’t have the exact supplies (I used photo splits in lieu of glue dots). I’ve made three so far, but I hope to chip away at a half dozen more over the course of this week. She also has a tutorial about how to make bows from the yellow pages, which I feel compelled to try since a new one was just dropped at our door yesterday.

I wanted to make some sort of adorable DIY holiday cardholder to display our cards since our fridge is already cluttered with ultrasound photos. However, a google search only turned up stuff that required a trip to Michaels. Instead, I pulled out a leftover ribbon from one of our wedding presents and stuck it to the front of the coat closet with masking tape. I thought the idea of attaching the photo cards with clothespins was cute, but we don’t have any, so I defaulted to the ever-helpful photo splits again. I know I’ve seen this idea other places, but this was the first time I actually took the 30 seconds to arrange it in our home.

And because I think it’s kinda cute, albeit nothing that would wow the likes of real designers, here’s the mantle that holds our other cards. The full size stockings did not exactly work out this year with the couch so close to them and everything. After someone (we’ll call him “Ben”) managed to tug them down and get a good thunking by the J on the ole noggin I decided for safety reason to swap them for some ornaments. Just in case you were curious about the arrangement.

Have you wrangled any free crafting ideas lately?