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Leila Love

“I’m thinking about a picture of all. Like colored leaves! Like what I think is the REAL fall!”

Leila: “Look that baby’s sleeping in a cage.” Mommy: “That’s a crib.”

At a store, “I wonder why they have Halloween stuff on. It’s funny because it’s not even close.”

“I did a magic show. But I didn’t show. I telled it!”

Discussing the different piano keys, “There’s a medium one that can play medium. A dark one that can play scary, loud music. And a soft one.”

While dancing around the silent living room, “I have the music in my head.”

Leila Love

Discussing the putt-putt course she played in Hawaii, “It was the most challenging golf.”

“It’s not weird if you wear shorts and not shirt. It’s weird if you wear pants and not shirt.”

“Mommy, why is it just talking? It’s not like a real movie.” (In reference to what movie, I have no idea.)

Leila: “Are we washing my hair tonight?” Mommy: “No.” Leila: “But can I do air conditioning?” Mommy: “Air conditioning?” Leila: “Oh, I meant conditioner.”

Referring to a struggling competitor in The Great British Baking Show, “I wonder why he’s still in it.”

“I could smell it too. It was yuck.”

“No, not friends! Sisters! Because if we’re friends we have to live in a different house! If we’re sisters we live in the same house.”

“Daddy said we are going to buy one thing at the sports store and then when we got there he was like, ‘Oooh, look at that, oooh, look at that, oooh look at that.’”

Leila Love

After hearing the name Matt, “That’s a funny name.”

Referring to not being able to watch a movie, “I don’t complain about it. A complains about it.”

Asking about the singing the alphabet song, “I did it backwards. Now frontwards or backwards?”

Talking about washing her hair (that gets washed after swimming), “I’ll give you a clue. We do something fun and then we have to do something every night.”

Referring to her latest creation of a “food city” made of blocks, “it’s anything you can dream of.”

After Daddy reminded her to drink water, “I have water breaks. Don’t worry!”

“Cause I wasn’t here. I was taking my weekend.”

Brainstorming why our restaurant beeper number was 27, “Maybe we took 27 minutes to get here.”

Patter-rens (How she says patterns)