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I march to show my daughter that we stand up for ourselves and we stand up for others and we stand with others. Yesterday was a much too belated (on my part), tiny step in a long march towards equality and freedom for all. But I took it. And my husband took it. And my daughter took it. And we’ll take another. And we’ll march together.

As my friend so beautifully articulated, “I’m humbled by the work of others before me, embarrassed by my silence and complicity, and eager to catch up.”

Leila Love


Looking at the height markers on our kitchen wall, “I can’t imagine me that small”

“That’s a treasure map because it has ‘x’.”

Leila was talking about all the planets she learned about and listing them off. When she reached a pause Mommy prompted, “Ur…” Leila: “Europe?”

Talking about Iran, “But is it in Bastrop?”

Eating bread and butter at the co-op, “Mmm, mmm. It’s like we’re at a real restaurant right S?”

AND..Leila read her 1st book!