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Leila Love


(When Mommy asked what there is at a grown-up’s party.) “Sometimes balloons at a grownup party…sometimes talk at a grownups party…sometimes play grownup games…”

Mommy: “Where’s Leila?” Leila: “It’s me! Right here! I’m hibernating.”

Singing to herself, “The wonderful things we learn!”

“My doll’s party feels like a wedding. It’s only a dancing party.”

“I have just the thing to decorate it.”

Discussing the turtle in our front yard, “It wants to come in and eat quiche.”

“Abracadabra! Whole world disappear…even the park disappear…and it’s like a big cave!”

Discussing her latest Kiwi Crate creating, “This is so fun! This is even fun as going to the park…this is even fun as cuddling with you, or having a play date.”

“I think Daddy’s going to take his time waking up.”

“Wrigley’s excited to run around on the ranch…she’s excited to do that.”

“My Daddy has always beer.”

“Mommy’s don’t go to work!” (#facepalm)

Leila Love

Monkey Bar Success

“I’m learning to read!”

“I like big pieces of chocolate!”

“Mommy, I want to go to outer space…we can go together! I’ll count…and you can drive.”

“See the traffic Mommy! Is that traffic? Come quick!”

While adding leaves to her “soup,” “You’re not even going to taste the greens. They’re mixed up.”

“I wish I could be in the shows. I ‘d crawl inside the TV and be a character! My name would still be Leila.”

Mommy, probably trying to attempt some educational point about bees: “How do we get our honey?” Leila: “At the farmer’s market.”

Just playing pretend, “The engine’s fine.”

After Mommy shared about how Leila’s uncle was learning about the body at medical school and she was learning about the body at yoga teacher training. “I’m learning about the body from shows!”

“Don’t put it (sunscreen) on my hands cause I don’t want it to be greasy. I have to do monkey bars.”

(Because Mommy was counting each number twice.) Leila: “My Mommy’s funny!” Friend: “Miss Saba’s funny!” Leila: “Miss Mommy’s funny!” (Please refer to this post to understand how monumental this moment was for Mommy.)

In response to Mommy saying “It would be shocking.” Leila: “No, it would be a surprise.”

Leila Love

Leila Love

The 1st time “y’all” was overheard in a sentence, “Do you want to do these stickers y’all?”

Leila: “Is this the race?” Mommy: “Yes.” Leila: “Where are all the people cheering?”

“Let’s try out the new cool move on the monkey bars!”

“I’m not going to tell you, but it’s hiding over here.”

“This is going to be a dessert restaurant, not a nutritious restaurant.”

“Mommy I have an idea of where to tie this balloon in our house. Tie it on one of our noor-dobs.”

Showing Mommy the food she prepared at the Children Museum of Houston’s Mexico exhibit, “Tex-Mex here you go!” (Sometime later we were looking at a map, which beget a conversation about Africa. She remarked about the Africa exhibit at the Children’s Museum. I told her it wasn’t Africa. “Oh yeah, it’s Tex-Mex.”)

A little while later when Mommy asked if she was having fun in her house, “No. I have to go find a new house that’s empty.”

“Yes, I just want to cuddle all day!”

After explaining how many children she has, “There’s not enough chairs for them to eat…and there’s only one bathroom…”

“Mommy, is there going to be bugs in it?” (Once again, I made a note of the quote but I completely forgot the context…)

Leila: “Did you wear high heels to your wedding?” Mommy: “No.” Leila: “Do you wear high heels to night things?” (Mommy is already a bit of a fashion disappointment.)

“I relax. I’m not driving.”

“If I had a whole world made of cookies and I got hungry I could just eat them!”

An announcement before a living room performance, “…make sure phones are off…” (a few days later she did a performance and told the audience to make sure “phones are charging” and babies were not crying).

“Of course I want to go to a school with monkey bars!”

Upon leaving a restaurant, “There’s a house, but it can’t be a neighborhood! There’s a restaurant next to it! That don’t make sense!”

Discussing her living room performance, “This is a very kids show. Kids can come, every time it’s different. I can do cards…I can do Farsi cards…”

Leila: “This is my…test.” Mommy: “Do you know what a test is?” Leila: “Yes. Like a singing test…or a drawing test. Things like that.”