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A Day Of Summer


Saturday we celebrated “a day of summer.” I came home from yoga and spent the next four hours in the kitchen, while Leila thoroughly enjoyed sampling my efforts and taking her turn at the rolling pin. In the late afternoon we went outside. We filled our inflatable pool almost to capacity (well beyond the usual two our three inches) to make a “big pool,” which Leila and I went swimming in while Ben grilled hot dogs. Ben and I drank icy cold beer, and we all munched on salty chips and creamy guacamole.


We ate dinner outside and went back into the pool with our bellies full and the sun slowly moving closer to the horizon. When Leila said she was done, we headed inside. Ben and Leila readied the living room, spreading the green blanket and pulling down the pillows. Meanwhile, I layered the homemade graham crackers, salted almond dark chocolate and toasted the homemade marshmallows over the stovetop to top the classic concoction. Then we all gathered for a movie and s’mores.


I am not sure exactly when or where or why it started, but I’ve had this feeling. This thought, “Why not enjoy summer?” growing in me. Why not go to the beach? Why not play in the park? Why wait for the perfect day, the time when I am not tired or the moment I will try a new recipe without making a mess (or taking half a day to make it)? Why wait for what will never happen? Why not enjoy life like a three-year-old?

Here’s to summer – here’s to heat and humidity and mosquitoes and having fun in the midst of it all. Here’s to the joy of embracing summer, of trying something new and finding fun.