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14: Walking

I unofficially retired from running after finishing a marathon my senior year of college. The initial post-race high led me to believe that I would never stop running, but I took a week off and then a month and then I just never started back again. Instead I started taking leisurely strolls through the neighborhood or opting to walk home instead of hopping on the bus. I never had to will myself into my shoes and out the door. I needed to walk to get places and I enjoyed the slower pace to take in my surroundings. In Rwanda our legs were our primary mode of transportation. Aside from a few moments of discontentment I loved it. It gave Ben and I time to vent on our commute home from school and made the Saturday luncheon of fried foods and beer a lot less guilt inducing. When we got back I started taking Wrigley on walks beyond the end of our street. During the last weeks of pregnancy and first several weeks after Leila’s arrival, we’ve gone on family walks, the term coined for the times Ben joins our outing. It’s not a particularly impressive endeavor, but I am quite grateful for my newfound appreciation of the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other.

17, 16 & 15: Family, Friends & Wrigley

17: Family

On Thursday my mom, Leila, Wrigley and I took a road trip out to the farm where we met up with my dad and sister. While I took a nice long shower, my family fussed over Leila. It was wonderful. I love my family. When I moved back home after college I realized this in a way I never had before, especially since pre middle school years. I genuinely enjoyed being under the same roof. Now that Leila is here, I appreciate them on a whole new level. As much as I long to move abroad again and loathe the Houston summers, I like that we’re all in the same city and appreciate the every once and awhile we still get to stay under the same roof.

*Photo Credit: Debra Parker

16: Friends

I never cease to wonder how such an amazing group of people entered my life. There’s something special about college and that brief moment where you live with and are constantly hanging out with your friends, but I much more appreciate the emails and phone calls and dinners now.

15: Wrigley

Oh Wrigley. How could you not be grateful to have that face in your life?