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Leila Love

July Leila Love 2

Trying to convince Daddy to take turns trying to win instead of always trying to win, “But I want to win too! Let’s both try to win! Maybe we’ll both win at the same time. That would be fun!”

Said, in the middle of July, “The lake is cold! Probably in the summer it’s nice and warm.”

Holding her new doll and singing to herself in the car, “I’m his sister. He’s my brother. I take care of him…I take care of my baby brother!”

Explaining a game she was playing with some cousins she recently met, “He and me are trying to keep the ball away from her, the girl with the hat.”

Discussing the situation of the geese she saw on the lake, “There are 23 geese. They are going to Africa. It is going to take 40 nights. They are going to stay at ah hotel along the way. They are going to swing there.”

While playing with Mommy, “I’m going to pretend I do. I don’t really like lettuce, but I’m going to pretend I do.”

Talking to Mommy, “Just take your time! You don’t need to rush!”

Telling a story, “…My first wish is no seaweed at the beach…”

Discussing the pile of recently created art work covering her desk, “so we have a lot going on here.”

“Let’s pretend Miss Jane Mousekawitz doesn’t want me to get married because she likes me. And she’ll miss me…and she doesn’t want me moving to another city.”

I’ll still come in your bed, but the more bigger I get the longer I’ll sleep in my bed…until I’m 10 and I’ll sleep all the way in my bed.”

Yeah, cause I’m afraid it will rain cause all weekend it’s supposed to rain.” (What happens when your parents discuss their fear of rain and its impact on their upcoming party all week.)

Weekly Photo Project: Week 29

Week 29

I took zero photos this week, until I realized it was Thursday and even my iPhone was empty of a single shot. My favorite part of this photo is what is completely out of the frame. I asked Leila if she wanted to join me outside to take some photographs, and she jumped at the invitation. First she wanted to gather some things to take pictures “for the store.” I explained our objective had nothing to do with work and was simply to find something beautiful. And so she abandoned her pile of recent drawings and brought her camera outside. She was so eager to show me her photographs, which included a shot of our deck and one of our fig tree. This project has been a scrappy, solo endeavor thus far. Tonight was a reminder that I should invite Leila into it and make some time to wander with our cameras, even if it’s a few minutes before bedtime.