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The Piña Colada Smoothie

I always prefer to go shopping with Ben, because then we’re together. It’s a great family activity when it’s ridiculously hot outside. Also, it makes it much easier to load and unload the car.

The thing is, when Ben joins a shopping trip lots of other things join our cart too. I can leave Target under $100, sometimes under $10, no problem. Not with Ben.

A couple weeks ago the family went shopping together at Costco, and as I was pushing the cart down the frozen fruit section Ben tosses some frozen pineapple in the cart. Not on the list. Frozen mango, yes. Frozen mixed berries, yes. No pineapple. I had no plans to use pineapple.

The pineapple stayed in our cart. And it stayed in our freezer. Until one evening I wanted dessert, and I remembered that pineapple in our freezer and the can of coconut milk in our pantry and found this recipe.

I loved it so much that I made it with a green twist the next day.


3-4 handfuls raw spinach (3-4 c)

2 c pineapple, frozen

2 small-medium bananas, frozen

1 ½ c coconut milk

½ – 1 t vanilla extract

So brilliant, so easy – thank goodness that pineapple got tossed into the cart.

Boof, please

For over two-thirds of my life I had no knowledge and/or interest in smoothies. I could not comprehend why someone would forgo an opportunity to savor delicious fruits and vegetables in order to muddle them together and sip them down a straw in five minutes. Not to mention how expensive they are. It was positively ludicrous.

About six years ago I changed my tune. I started loving smoothies. I don’t know what took me so long? Is there a simpler meal to prepare? I loved them so much I killed our blender. We took a year off in Rwanda to recover from the loss and came back to Texas and bought a Vitamix. There’s nothing like dropping $500 on a blender to kick your smoothie making into high gear. Actually it did no such thing. I just made my raw chocolate shake over and over and over again. Why mess with perfection?

It became an even bigger staple when I was pregnant with Leila and trying to ingest the largest amount of vitamins in as efficient a manner possible. Plus, the smoothie tasted good.

Now Leila loves smoothies. Recently she’s started pulling the large Starbucks glass out of the dishwasher and attempting to lug the Vitamix off the shelf while she adamantly repeats, “Boof! Boof!” She does an impressive job taking down my concoctions, especially when the only straw to drink belongs to mama or papa.


Boof Recipes to Enjoy


The Raw Chocolate Shake (slightly modified)


2 handfuls raw spinach (2 c)

2 T raw cacao powder

5 drops liquid stevia (optional)

1 small-medium banana, frozen

¾ c raspberries, frozen or 1 c cherries, frozen

1 c seed, nut or coconut milk


The Greenest Smoothie (we drink)


2 handfuls raw spinach (2 c)

20-25 baby carrots

1 orange (any size)

1” piece ginger, peeled

5 drops liquid stevia (optional)

ice (I use about two handfuls)

1 c coconut water


“Tastes like Jamba Juice” (according to Ben)


1 c mango, frozen

1 orange

5 drops liquid stevia (optional)

1 c coconut water


What’s your favorite smoothie combination?

I Heart Mangos

As much as I love my raw chocolate shake, I am not a girl of monotony when it comes to food. When I’m in a fruitier mood, this smoothie hits the spot.

One supersized smoothie:

2 bulging handfuls of raw spinach (approx. 2 cups)

2 cups frozen mangos

½ c orange juice

½ c carrot juice

2 T flaxseeds

Blend until green and dreamy! You’ll feel like you just got a B12 shot (and special love to those that actually get this reference).