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Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Lions, Tigers and the Art of Pulling Off a Family Wizard of Oz Costume for $79.81 and Minimal Spousal Resistance

I’ve decided to start taking blog post naming inspiration from Malcolm Gladwell. Also, I wanted to share our family costume this year. I’m relishing in our success because I am quite aware that luck like this doesn’t strike twice.

All it took was a leftover lion’s mane from two year’s ago + a red hair bow from last Christmas that Leila never wears to get one stinking cute, authentically cowardly, lion. Total = $11

Then I added a clearance Dorothy costume I picked up last year from Jo-Ann Fabrics + second-hand sparkly red shoes + a stuffed puppy from Mamani’s house to get a rather enthused (though the photo doesn’t show it) Dorothy. Total = $13

The scarecrow eagerly came together thanks to an oversized green top from Target + old brown leggings and UGG boots + a kid’s witch hat (also Target) + a bale of straw strategically glued to old ribbon + some terrible brown face paint. Total = $31.

Finally, our tin man was pieced together courtesy of a generous father’s YouTube video, inspiring a previously reluctant Papa to stay up late fashioning an old car seat box into a body + silver spray paint + an old gray shirt and sweatpants and tennis shoes and gloves + a funnel hat and tin elbows from Home Depot + an ax fashioned from a Swiffer, cardboard & duct tape. Total = $25.

DIY Family Wizard of Oz Costume

Happy Halloween!