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(Cheap) Summer Dates: Farmers’ Market, Yoga, Wine…and Wings

For our last summer date we took advantage of our time at Keuka Lake with the grandparents. While they put Leila to bed we headed over to Heron Hill Winery to shop the Farmers’ Market before our $15 (a person) yoga class/wine tasting. It was the trifecta of summer dates. A Farmers’ Market with a gorgeous view of the lake, followed by a yoga class surrounded by flowers on their lush green lawn, finished with a tasting of delicious wines.

…And then we topped ourselves when we headed back into town and found a little restaurant with $.50 wings.


(I actually managed to get a photo of us on our date, but I decided this photo of Leila is way cuter than the one of us after our yoga class.)


(Cheap) Summer Dates: Y1

We find it hard to make time for an out-of-the-house date on any sort of regular basis, but now that it’s summer we’re trying to take advantage of our more flexible schedule.

Of course, when time and money are an issue, sometimes you need a date that just skips straight to the point. The hot, dripping sweat, so intense you’re sore for days, heavy breathing, cranking “I Wanna Know” on the stereo…yoga point.

We took advantage of Grandma’s weekly Wednesday visit and made a date for a Sonic Hot 60 class at YogaOne Midtown. Since we already had passes to use, this date cost us a grand total of $0. You could enjoy the same fun for the $20 drop-in rate, or pop into a class at your gym (if you already have a membership), or simply rent a DVD from the library or stream something on Netflix.

Just don’t forget to turn up some nice R&B on your stereo.

*Note: I’m not paid or perked in any way to share about Y1. I just like sharing awesomeness.

Reset Button

I am hitting the reset button. I decided upon this admittedly ambiguous plan of action last Thursday after an insightful appointment with a nutritionist, and I confirmed the absolute brilliance of the operation during a hot yoga class where the teacher referenced hitting the reset button several times throughout the 90-minute class (there were a few of us struggling). Like I said, confirmation.

I have been feeling stuck, in this barely perceptible rut. I needed something. Not an overhaul, not a restart, just a reset. At the beginning of yoga class the teacher will often tell us to exhale, to breath everything out before we start our ujjayi pranayama. That is exactly what I needed, a big fat honking exhale, followed by some real, down to my toes up to the top of my head breathing.

I have reset my haircut, skincare, nutrition, yoga practice and general baby-making preoccupation. I am hitting the reset on my sleep, work, shopping, blogging and anything else that just needs a little reboot in my life. Maybe it is the copious amounts of spirulina/algae/maca/royal jelly/wheat grass I am now ingesting doing the talking, but I foresee a revolution (or something somewhat like it), physically, mentally and spiritually.

Let’s start the insanity.