The (More) Perfect Closet


I have been working towards that perfect closet. A season of no shopping certainly helped. Instead of perusing things online, I spent time taking things out of my little reach-in closet.

Over the past few months, I have made use of Leila’s empty crib to hold the things I no longer wanted, or was pretty sure I no longer wanted. The longer they spent time in the fashion purgatory, the less I hesitated on letting them go on to someone else’s closet.

I’ve whittled down my collection and pulled out an even smaller capsule wardrobe from there.

For the most part I am sticking to 7 pairs of shoes, 5 bottoms (jeans/overalls/shorts/skirts), 15 tops, 4 cardigans, 7 dresses, 2 jumpsuits and 2 jackets, though I continue to pare everything down until there is not much more than “the capsule” remaining.

I have come to learn that the less I own, the less I want. And the less I shop, the more I enjoy what I have.

I am being honest about what I actually need in my current life and what I do not (goodbye professional slacks, irregardless of how flattering you might be). And acknowledging that less (yoga clothes) is enough, even if it requires more frequent laundry.

I am taking fashion notes from my toddler and bringing my dresses back to playtime and being (less) fearless in embracing my sense of fashion.

I am honing my personal style and learning to recognize it when I see it. If I put something on and it feels uncomfortable or unflattering or I just want to take it back off, I do. And then I toss it in the trash crib.

A smaller closet is just as gloriously wonderful has I imagined!

2 thoughts on “The (More) Perfect Closet

  1. Julie (greene) Jordan

    Saba- thought about you this weekend while I spent some time at the Chi O house, and saw some old pics of us-someone mentioned they’d seen your blog and here you are 🙂 looks like life is good for you- so happy! miss you, Jules


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