The Perfect Closet

I have been thinking about the perfect closet for some time. It is wonderfully, gloriously, epically small. Fit in one carryon small.

I want to get there. I have been trying. I have been making progress – buying pieces I cannot wait to wear, choosing quality, filing in gaps instead of adding to what I already have and purging. Despite my efforts and intentions, I still managed to accumulate pieces that only served me in the dressing room. And there are many items I still need to acknowledge are not working for me and give them the opportunity to find a closet where they might be enjoyed.

I played around with numbers in my head, trying to figure out exactly how little I wanted. Then I happened onto this blog via Pinterest. It had exactly what I wanted – some guidance. At first I got distracted by her effortless style and wardrobe, and I was overcome by a longing to expunge everything I owned and just replicate what she was doing. Reason prevailed and the desire evaporated, and now I am sitting with a means to make our honest-to-goodness $0 clothing budget a lot more interesting.

My plan is to try it all out in March during Ben’s spring break. What better way to start the (Persian) New Year?

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