The Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

When I try to keep up a photo endeavor, whether the monthly photo project or these seasonal takes, I almost always cycle through these three emotions:

  1. Excitement and hope – Wow! This is going to be AMAZING! I love photography – what a joy to capture my child in this moment of her life!
  2. Dread and regret – Why am I doing this to myself? Why do they only put pumpkins out through October? Who has time for this? This will never happen. Why is there a shadow in every angle I try? I hate photography.
  3. Relief and gratitude – I did it. It’s done. Wow, look how much she’s grown! I’m so glad I did this, at least once more.

This morning we made it to the pumpkin patch, just barely. Afterwards we went inside the thrift store and found a perfectly sized pair of tap-shoes (last year we found ballet slippers). And I’m back to savoring the tradition again, at least for a moment.

Pumpkin Patch

PS You can find photos from past years here, here and here.

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