This is it.

Today someone posted this video by Gretchen Rubin on FB. I had seen it before. Her quote, “the days are long, but the years are short” is what I’ve been trying to remind myself lately as I sit diligently by Leila’s crib trying to help her fall asleep at rotating hours of the night. In my sleep deprived fog it’s a struggle to summon the energy to get out of my pajamas, let alone get out of the house. But life doesn’t stop, and this weekend it’s felt as if all the things I’ve been putting off finally caught up with me. One of them being taking a decent passport photo of Leila so we can enter Canada for our friends’ wedding. I’ve been trying for weeks, but getting a single photograph of a 6 month old baby on a white background, with her eyes open, with no shadow is not easy.

This morning Ben and I tried. This afternoon we tried again. I was frustrated as I waited for the photos to load knowing it was probably another fruitless endeavor. Then I saw them. And they made me smile. The more I looked at them, the better I felt and the more grateful I became for the batch of photos that made our precious daughter look like she was imitating a Lindsay Lohan mugshot. Every photo made me fall more in love. I clicked the “slideshow” icon in iPhoto and watched all 73 photos fill the screen to some jazzy number. I called for Ben to watch, and then Leila saw me laughing and smiled.

This is it. This is parenthood.

Thank goodness for it.

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